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March 19, 2007



Wow, great candy! I have a four year ols and 2 year old twins. Life is crazy at times. LOL I find it is hard to find an even balance in my life. Between the kids and my Hubby, there is not much me time left. I try to make sure I get some stamping time in during nap time. I sit at my dest, turn on some great music, and create! When the kids get up, I feel refreshed and better equipped to handle the afternoon.

Jacquelyn Rakoski

I am not a mom yet, still a little young to have kids but I know I will have them in the future. Something I loved to do both when I was growing up and when I watch other children is to get some music going and have the kids dance with you. It is always a blast plus it exhausts the kids after a while which can give you a bit of a break.


Awesome blog candy. Although I only have one child (he turns 21 today), I always had my 2 nieces around when they were growing up too. At times it felt as though I had 3 kids and had to referee my share of fights between them. For car rides I always had a game of car bingo and other car games that I took with us. I made my own play dough and the kids played in the kitchen with it using cookie cutters. I would put some toys away and bring them out at a later date so it seemed that there was something new. He also had a bunch of toys at grandma's to play with that I supplied. I didn't stamp or scrapbook when he was little so I didn't really have to struggle for "me" time. Maybe if you set up a little table and give your child scraps to play with while you work on your crafts? It might give you some "me" time. lol


I love your goodies. I was made aware of your blog by Allison. I'll be checking in regularly.

When my kids were toddlers it was playdates that made my life easier. I would meet one or tow other moms at the park for an hour or two once or twice a week. During bad weather we would meet at someone's house and even stamp or scrap if the kids were getting along well. Good luck with your little ones.

Chantale L

Hi I so know how you feel. I have two daughters. A very busy five year old and a exploring 9 month old. Plus we have a four month old puppy!! I feel as though I have three kids! lol... Since my five year old goes to school every other day it gives me bonding time with my 9 month old. Also lets me catch up on my housework and other stuff. Then when my daughter is not in school, I just play games with her and she loves to have tea parties. So I try and give her as much attention as I can and put both my girls to bed early so I can have time for myself which is much needed! My daughter loves scrapping too, so my aunt*doverdi* has given her lots of stickers and old stamps to play with plus the dollar store is great for crafts. So whenever I scrap I get her stuff out too so that she feels like she's involved too. Thanks for the chance to win :)


Oooh, I'm a pro. My first 2 kids were 11 months apart. I don't know if I just had perfect kids, or if at an early age, they just realized sometimes we'd play together and sometimes, they had to play with out me. One thing we have always done was have lots and lot of parties. Not birthday parties. Just general parties where we'd invite tons of friends. When they were little, we always had a Christmas party. There were ornaments to make, games to play, lunch and of course, treats to take home. We had a Dr. Suess party one March. We read the foot book and then finger painted, with our feet! My kids always cookied with me, dusted with me, played games with me...and we had a lot of fun.

Oh, here are some games that got us through doctor visits...

I Spy and Mother May I. The rooms were long and narrow, perfect for Mother May I!

Some more ideas for toddlers...playdough, sidewalk chalk and bubbles! 3 essentials!


I have 2 boys who are 19 months apart They are now 11 and 10 and they are best friends . But there was a time when they would fight for everything ....activities we would do together were ...Just going outside to play in the yard or for walks to find how many grasshoppers or forgs we could see ..NOT KEEP. lol When i wanted to just RElax .....I couldnt .LOL THey love to play games ...GO Fish they cheated but loved it !!!! I always tried to give my boys at least 2 hours a day to just them ..Playing,reading or just cuddling ....AS they get older they start to go out more to play with their friends or dont want to b home as much .Just enjoy them while they are still young . You miss it when they are older. TFS!!!!! ANd sorry not much advice ....LOL


Hi there! I just put a link to your blog candy give away on mine so hopefully that will help spread the word! :D I don't have any children yet, so I don't really know what to tell you other than good luck! :D


Wonderful contest!! I'll post a link to it on my blog this afternoon.

I have 3 children under 5 (and one due in 7 weeks!) but still think there is nothing I have to share . . . my children are what they are, I'm convinced despite me and what I try to teach them! :) I do live for naptime (quiet time for the older 2) and usually use that time to stamp or do my blog reading! Thanks for sharing!

Jackie in NC

Great blog candy and a great blog, too! I'm sorry I can't help with the toddler and balance thing - my youngest is 22 and when she and her brother (24 now) were small there was no such thing as balance in my life. My ex was gone all week driving a truck so I felt like a single mom most of the time but had them all to myself, too, not family to help much. I can't say he was lot of help on the weekends either (hence the "ex" part). But I'm sure others with small ones will have some good advice!

Erica T

I have 3 boys, 6, 3, and 1, never a dull moment in this house, I make a regular habit of rotating my toys in and out of the toy room, that way when they are bored of something you can bring out something "new" for them to play with again and compared to the majority I don't have that many toys but my boys are more than happy and occupied!! TFS the awesome blog candy


I have a boy who will be four in April and a girl who is 15 months. Thankfully, my daughter is a brute who can keep up with being run over by her big bro. She likes to play dinky cars and watch Elmo with her brother...after that, they don't seem to have much in common. However, I have got them both into singing (even during supper) and dancing...they both have hand-me down boom-boxes in their room so I have burned a couple of CDs for them to sing or dance to. We can all do it together (plus it even helps put my daughter to sleep at bedtime!)...


WOW Great Candy!!!! I will post a link on my blog for you!

Hmmmm, toddlers... best thing I can tell you is that they will grow up... but it won't get any easier LOL!


Wow, great blog candy! I have a 3.5 y/o DS who keeps me pretty busy/entertained. He does regularly wear me out! He does love to do crafts and will make cards for friends, although he doesn't want to do them by himself, rather wants me to sit next to him and help. One of these days, *sigh* one of these days. . . :)


My kids are grown with families of their own. However, I've done child care in my home going on 19 yrs. with infants and toddlers. Teaching them how to share is NOT an easy task. It takes a lot of patience on your part. Getting them interested in crafting will enable you to craft more often. I found that a lot of times they just want to watch you do your thing...


Great blog candy. I don't have children yet either. I could imagine getting them to share is difficult. I would have to think up of some way to make it fun for them to want to share with each other. Can't wait to read what others say.

Claudia F.

I can suggest a way to teach your kids to share. While they are playing pick up one of their toys and start playing with it, they will come over and want to take it and then you say, no, Mommy is playing with it right now, you need to share so when I'm done playing with it, it's your turn. Do this over and over and they will understand what sharing is all about and how to handle it.
Claudia F. Childcare provider for 31 years


My kids are now 8 and 9. They are 14 mo. apart. Boy and Girl. Fortunately they liked the same things (Barney, Telletubbies) I found that my kids love to stamp. I gave them HUGE paper or just some recycled paper from computer and some crayola washable markers and some kid friendly ($$ stamps from Michaels and Target $ spot.)

We always have Friday as Family night with a family movie, Pizza and popcorn. Sometimes it is just the disney movie on tv or one we already own. Also if you go here: http://www.kidconcoctions.com/ there are tons of activities and recipes. There are 3 or 4 books. Hobby Lobby carries their products. Good luck!


I never really had to teach my kids to share. I have a boy and a girl that are 21 months apart and they really share very well (most of the time). And activities? We all like to read together and also just read at the same time. We also enjoy playing games, they LOVE Jenga.

Thanks for offering such fun candy!

Kristi Ferro

Very nice blog candy thanks. I only 1 child and she is 8 now. Activities...we liked to watch movies when she was little. Reading was also a big hit.

Sharon C.

I have two boys 2 1/2 years apart and they are all grown up now...ages 29 and 27. When they were little, I provided lots of art/craft activities for them to do(watercolors, playdough,etc)....one was very interested and the other could have cared less! I really tried to do my crafts during nap time. They didn't like to share, so Grandaddy took care of that...he always bought them the same toy so they each had their own! I do work with Kindergarten children every day and it is something that we work on every day. Good luck!

Susan H

Ooh, candy!

Being an "old maid" I never had kids but know lots of young mother's who are seeking balance. I'll refer them to your blog and these great comments!!


I have 4 children ages 6, 4, 2, 1. Some days are fantastic, other days like today are not. My 4 year old hit the 2 year old over the head with a Barbie and then the 2 year old did the same to the 4 year old. Hannah (the 4 year old) freaked right out ... I said to her "Well, you did teach her...". It became a decent object lesson of sorts after explaining "do what you would have others do to you". We have a game night now on Mondays for the two oldest, which they absolutely love! I try to take each day to spend some one on one time with each of them, not easy when there's four, but it does happen!


Congrats on the visits! I am not a parent yet....but the one thing that I appreciate so much now, is the time and effort that my parents put into raising me. Just remember that every little thing that you do might not be recognized now....but wow...in a few years your kids will look back and be appreciative of your love and support!

Tracy H


I have three children and my son is 2.5 now and he loves to color with markers, watercolor, finger paint, play kitchen, animals, dinosaurs, and pirates. He likes to play with others he hates to play by himself(sigh). He shares so-so he does better when I remind him to have good manners he really wants to have those:) From all of the parenting books I have read you can't really expect them to share until around age three so maybe in a few more months they'll be able to tackle that a little better. Good Luck!! Congrats on such a successful blog. Shari

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